The Vibe is a place where you can work, play and have fun.

What You Can Do

The Internet, Blogs, Research & Projects

You can use computers to build your own website or blog (it's really easy with support) and to work on your own projects. Whatever it is you are interested in, you can be supported to explore things and research things. The sky's the limit.


You can try singing or playing music.
Record yourself singing your favourite songs, or work with our producer to write your own song and record it.

Karaoke is popular too, especially on the big screen.

There are also guitars, a full drum-kit, and digital recording equipment. And a sound-proofed recording studio is on the way.

Film and Video

As well as watching films and discussing your favourites, if you are interested you can have a go at writing, directing, shooting or acting in your own film. Check out our Zombies Attack video below – warning though, it's quite gory!


Individual games and group tournaments are always happening at The Vibe. Playstation, Wii, and loads of PC based games are available. There is a monthly bowling league on the Wii – although it's very hard to beat Perfect Score Phil!

Day Trips

Several times a year trips are planned to get us out and about. Recently trips have been made to the Science Museum, the Sherlock Holmes Museum, the Tower of London, Tate Modern Gallery and various boat trips and picnics. Where would you like to go? The sky's the limit!

Our Gallery

Jump in!