Daniel has been coming to The Vibe twice a week since July 2011. He loves rap, heavy metal, RnB and art. Daniel is a confident user of computers and Facebook, and he has produced some excellent projects on WWE, My Favourite Bands – Green Day, Nickelback. He has grown in confidence musically and now sings and records tracks as well as creating dance video clips, most recently he is doing a montage of the History of Rap with a friend and has been doing a "green screen" video to accompany the music - looking forward to seeing this completed.

Back in Summer of 2012 Daniel had a discussion with staff about enjoying Art and showed us some of his previous art work from school. With support, Daniel researched what courses were available in the local adult education centre. Tina assisted Daniel to complete the application process, liaised with his Mum and helped Daniel complete the enrolment. He began the classes on a Monday morning with support from Creative Care during his session. Daniel enjoys drawing the live models and has built up his portfolio. Recently, in June 2014, some of Daniel's work was entered into the Leigh Art Trail, a showcase of media, reflecting the achievements of the College's learners. Daniel was shortlisted and won first prize for his still life drawing of the male form. Daniel continues to attend art classes with support from The Vibe.

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