Jack has been coming to The Vibe for a year now. He comes every Tuesday. Jack loves playing football, the gym, films, music and socialising with his friends.

Recently Jack has been doing some song-writing at The Vibe, and is hoping to record his work very soon.

In early January Jack came to The Vibe saying that he was interested in working at KFC (near his house) on a Saturday. He had started the online application, and asked for some support to complete it.

Jack showed Tina the application online, and they concluded it was a fairly rigid process that focused on academic achievements and experience and didn't enable Jack to show his skills and personality.

Jack became disheartened but Tina encouraged him to keep going and we agreed with Jack that Tina would approach KFC on his behalf.

Tina spoke with Kirsten from KFC and discussed Jack's abilities and explained what he was looking for. Tina explained that Jack may struggle with a group interview, when the reality is that he is truly very capable and would be reliable and apply himself well to the job.

As a result Kirsten agreed to meet Jack and adapt the application process to take into account the issues. Jack had never had an interview, but we thought that even if he were unsuccessful the process of compiling his CV, attending an external meeting and going through the process of interview would be a huge boost for his confidence and motivation. Kirsten agreed and was very supportive and understanding towards Jack and wanted to make it as stress free as possible for him.

Jack knew that there were no guarantees of getting the job, and that he needed to compile a CV. We gave him tips on how to build his CV and he completed this with his Dad. We spoke about how to dress for an interview and talked about listening and communication skills.

His interview took place on 21st January at 3pm. Tina supported Jack during this interview mainly asking questions to help clarify his understanding and assist him with formulating his answers. Kirsten was very patient and gave scenarios for Jack to respond to and he responded brilliantly. She also introduced him to Lewis the Assistant Manager and some of the staff. The outcome of the meeting was that Jack GOT THE JOB!! He would start in February after some initial training - Jack was so excited, and totally delighted.

Kirsten ensured that Jack always has a point of reference with either her or Lewis so if he is concerned or worried about anything, he has support there. Jack performed well in training and has since been working every Saturday and occasional extra shifts in his role as Front of House Cleaner.

We are really proud of Jack. He did so well to pursue what was not an easy process for him. But he reached his goal. He has done excellent work here at The Vibe too, and has inspired others with his focus and attitude towards work. Now, we can't wait to hear his songs!

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