Letiwe has been attending The Vibe for nearly 2 years. When she first started Letiwe had limited verbal English and no experience of using computers. She was a little nervous but with encouragement began to join in with the Vibe's activities. It was soon clear that Letiwe has a great love of singing and dancing. She now regularly sings karaoke, performs and dances and her confidence and communication skills is always growing. She has noticeably improved both her spoken and written English. Letiwe has also shown a great improvement in her literacy skills since she has been attending The Vibe, she is now able to read and write simple words and has the confidence to attempt more complex words through developing her online portfolio and undertaking various projects: Shakira, Beyonce and Weddings. Letiwe is very socially involved at The Vibe and attends all of our social meals and events. She has recently increased her days at The Vibe.

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