Philip has been coming to The Vibe for nearly 3 years. He attends once a week for a full day session. When he started, Philip, a music enthusiast, was already a keen DJ. He liked to use computers for gaming and wanted to learn more about Facebook and social media. Philip uses an i-pad mostly to use the internet, particularly sites such as Youtube and Spotify. Since attending The Vibe his basic computer skills have developed. He enjoys project work and has completed projects on Arsenal and Southend United. He regularly works on his online portfolio and enjoys uploading and editing his photos.

Philip has also learnt about internet searching, webcams/ skype email and instant messenger. During his time at The Vibe there has been a noticeable improvement in his literacy skills. His mum said "Philip's reading has improved more in the last six months than it has in the last six years"., and with support he set up his own Facebook page which he uses to connect with his friends.

Philip has also learnt how to use audio software like Virtual DJ and GarageBand which has developed his technical skills. He knows how to set up his DJ equipment and is constantly improving his DJ skills by learning about fading music, linking tracks and the effects of changing speed to blend tracks. He has been our resident in-house DJ for Christmas parties and other events.

We assisted Philip with the design and printing of his own business cards, so that he could advertise his DJ Services for external events. He has been very successful and done several sets for other groups, centres and private parties. Philip enjoys drama and performing. He has performed in several productions with various external groups and we love to go to watch and support him.

Philip likes joining in with others' music sessions and assists in the set up and facilitation of these. Philip's willingness to demonstrate how to do things and to involve others in music sessions is inspiring.

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