People at The Vibe work and play hard. Here are some of our stories.


Philip has been coming to The Vibe for nearly 3 years. He attends once a week for a full day session. When he started, Philip, a music enthusiast, was already a keen DJ.

He liked to use computers for gaming and wanted to learn more about Facebook and social media.

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Daniel has been coming to The Vibe twice a week since July 2011. He loves rap, heavy metal, RnB and art. Daniel is a confident user of computers and Facebook, and he has produced some excellent projects on WWE, My Favourite Bands – Green Day, Nickelback.

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Letiwe has been attending The Vibe for nearly 2 years. When she first started Letiwe had limited verbal English and no experience of using computers. She was a little nervous but with encouragement began to join in with the Vibe's activities.

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Jack has been coming to The Vibe for a year now. He comes every Tuesday. Jack loves playing football, the gym, films, music and socialising with his friends.

Recently Jack has been doing some song-writing at The Vibe, and is hoping to record his work very soon.

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